About this location

More often than not, the aroma of freshly baked cookies will greet you as you enter our Fargo center branch, where the company is headquartered. Customers will often stop by just for coffee and cookies and to hang out for a while.

“Even as large as this building is, it still has a pretty warm atmosphere,” said Jody Saum, vice president and Fargo retail banking manager, who also manages the Fargo center branch. “It says a lot when you can be a big bank but operate like a small one.”

You’ll find this location houses an array of services from retail, mortgage and commercial to private banking, leasing and agribusiness development. Because of our wide range of services, we also have a varied customer base.

“People often come to this location because they know if they have a situation they’ll be helped here because of the resources we have,” Jody said.

Fargo architect Terry Stroh designed the iconic building, which has been Bell’s flagship bank since we moved here in 1992. In the beginning the bank occupied the main floor and a portion of the basement. Unrelated tenants occupied the second, third and fourth floors. Through the years as tenant leases expired, the bank expanded into those spaces.

“Eventually we filled out the building and beyond with the growth,” Jody said.