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Even small gifts change lives

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Pay It Forward December 02, 2018

Loretta’s Beautiful Daughter


Eight-year-old DeEtte has a syndrome which causes seizures and leaves her confined to a wheelchair. When Jill learned of DeEtte’s struggles, her heart broke for the girl. She decided to pay it forward to DeEtte and her mother, Loretta, in hopes of enriching their lives.

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Pay It Forward October 31, 2018

Paying It Forward Through Food and Fun

Pay it forward

Over the past 10 years, Bell Bank has invested more than $12 million in local and global causes through our Pay It Forward program.

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Pay It Forward October 19, 2018

School Store Helps Students Thrive


A middle school store is helping students thrive by providing for some of their basic necessities. When a Bell employee learned about the store, she didn’t hesitate to help.

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Pay It Forward October 09, 2018

Donations Help Pregnant Women, Honor Saint

Big check

After years of donating Pay It Forward Funds to a North Dakota maternity home, some Bell Bank employees are using their funds toward the construction of an international center to honor the Italian saint the maternity home is named for.

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Pay It Forward October 03, 2018

Thousands of Animals Rescued Out of Garage

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue

The reality is tragic: where people are suffering, animals are suffering. The stray and unwanted animal population exists in the most underserved counties and communities. But thanks to Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue in North Dakota, forgotten animals are rescued every day.

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Pay It Forward October 02, 2018

Powerful Ways We’ve Paid It Forward

Pay if Forward 10th Anniversary

Ten years of empowering our employees to make a difference in their communities and the world have given us some pretty powerful stories – stories that stick with us and in many ways, change us.

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Pay It Forward September 18, 2018

A Passion for Paws: Digital Services Teams Up to Support Animals

Homeward Anmial Shelter

When you work 40-plus hours a week with your coworkers, it’s a bonus if you have something in common. Luckily, that’s the case for Bell’s digital services team. They share a love for four-legged friends.

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Pay It Forward September 12, 2018

Uniting for Good: The Profound Impact of Pooling Pay It Forward Funds

Tiffany Tessmer and Amy Suek

While $1,000 can make a big difference in someone’s life, many employees have chosen to pool their money to create an even bigger impact.

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Pay It Forward September 07, 2018

Driven to Help Kids Succeed

Kids listen to a book next to the Little Red Reading Bus

With their little red bus full of books, a group of dedicated volunteers spent the summer fostering a love of reading in children and doing what they can to give them a better start to the school year.

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Pay It Forward July 30, 2018

Legacy of Little Boy with Huge Heart Brings Joy to Others

James “Jessy” Haberman with toys

James “Jessy” Haberman was born with a rare genetic syndrome. In his 8 years, he had 15 surgeries and 2 infusions. Still, despite his young age and his own hardships, he found a way to make life a little better for others.

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