Administer your trust or estate

Fiduciary service administration and philanthropic solutions

Taking the long view of your future is wise. With comprehensive planning today, you can provide a secure future tomorrow – not only for yourself, but also for your family and to the charities that matter to you.

When you choose Bell as your fiduciary partner, you provide a legacy that protects your family and beneficiaries, even after you are gone.

Why Bell

Planning for the years ahead can be overwhelming. You can trust Bell to help you secure your future.

Trust Management

Choose our team as a fiduciary advisor for estate and financial planning affairs and as a portfolio manager over diverse assets including real estate. We tailor each relationship to address core objectives, concerns and specific planning matters.


  • Estate planning – Family and personal considerations require an individualized approach to estate planning and a variety of factors must be carefully weighed. Planning is essential to provide for the intended disposition of your assets, to prepare for your family’s financial security, to secure necessary asset management for your beneficiaries and to save on estate settlement costs and taxes. Our trust advisors will be happy to assist you in implementing an estate plan suitable to your situation
  • Administration of trusts – Bell is an excellent choice to serve as trustee if you are considering a living trust or testamentary trust. We can also serve as back-up or co-trustee for others named as trustee
  • Investment management of clients’ securities, real estate and unique assets in “quarterback” role
  • Serve as asset manager in either agency (no trust document involved) or trust structure (with trust document)
  • Business succession guidance, estate planning review and effective coordination with clients’ legal and tax advisors; our team does not replace clients’ existing advisors, but rather serves as fiduciary advisors
  • Custom financial planning for sufficient income and cash flow management, wealth preservation and distribution planning

Fiduciary Services

Trusts and fiduciary relationships are remarkable tools that work within your personal financial plan to facilitate tax savings, asset protection, financial security and preservation of family relationships.

Bell Bank serves as the fiduciary for a variety of relationships, each of which guards your legacy in a different way.

  • Revocable living trust – may be changed or terminated by those who create it or by someone else
  • Irrevocable living trust – cannot be revoked or terminated by the person who establishes the trust or transfers property to it
  • Agency account – remains the property of the owner, rather than the trust institution
  • Conservatorship – established to care for the property of an incapacitated person
  • Custodial account – managed only to safeguard and care for the property
  • Retirement account – established by employers to provide employees with retirement income
  • Self-directed IRA – directed by the owner to purchase and hold assets
  • Managed IRA – directed by our wealth management division, who integrates the IRA into an overall strategy
  • Estate settlement – administration and distribution of an estate's assets to beneficiaries

Let us help you navigate the complexities of trusts and estates. Just call us to start the conversation.

Philanthropic Solutions

Bell Wealth's philanthropic solutions team also helps nonprofits, foundations and endowments by serving as a trustee or in an agency capacity for nonprofits, endowments and foundations. These professionals help your institution or organization through services including:

  • Investment management
  • Development and maintenance of a customized investment policy
  • Liquidation of donated assets (including real estate, farmland, publicly traded securities and unique assets)
  • Administration of grant money
  • Disbursement, custody and record-keeping for regulatory purposes
  • Guidance on charitable giving and planned giving strategies
  • Serving as an extension of your board and/or finance committee

Estate and Conservatorship Administration

Work with Bell to ensure your estate, trusts and assets are in order.

By serving as a personal representative for an estate, we make sure the estate assets are properly inventoried, valued and distributed according to the decendent’s wishes. As conservator, we protect and manage the assets of an individual who can no longer manage their own financial affairs.

Conservatorship Services (incapacity):

  • Protect and manage assets
  • Collect income and pay monthly expenses
  • Work with guardian regarding individual’s needs
  • Assist with the sale of real estate and personal property

Estate Services (after death):

  • Arrange for probate of will
  • Inventory and value, protect and manage estate assets
  • Pay debts, file tax returns and pay taxes
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries

Administration of Estates

An executor collects assets, pays debts and distributes the remainder to heirs. In an estate of even modest proportions, the executor must:

  • Notify all appropriate heirs and beneficiaries
  • Locate, inventory and safeguard estate assets
  • Provide continuing management for income-producing interests
  • Pay legitimate claims of creditors and administration expenses
  • Collect all debts owed
  • Sell estate property on the most advantageous terms
  • Assume responsibility for all tax returns
  • Keep detailed records of all income, expenses and transactions
  • Distribute the estate in accordance with the provisions in the will

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