2013 Lights, Camera, Save! Video Contest

Bell State Bank & Trust, in conjunction with the American Bankers Association, is sponsoring the Lights, Camera, Save! video contest. The goal of this promotion is to engage teenagers in educating themselves and their peers about the value of saving and using money wisely, through video. Teenagers, ages 13-18, are encouraged to create a fun and entertaining 90-second video for a chance to win one of Bell State Bank & Trust’s preliminary round prizes, and a chance to win one of the ABA national contest prizes.

Participation is simple

  1. Teenagers, ages 13-18, create a 60-90 second video demonstrating the value of saving and using money wisely.
  2. Contest begins November 1, 2013. Submit the video’s URL along with a completed entry packet to Bell State Bank & Trust by November 30, 2013. See official rules and video submission instructions.
  3. Bell State Bank & Trust will select preliminary round winners by December 15, 2013 and submit the 1st place preliminary round winning entry to compete in the American Bankers Association national contest.

Bell State Bank & Trust Preliminary Round Prizes

1st Place: $500  Per single individual, or per team
2nd Place: $250
3rd Place: $250

ABA National Contest Prizes ABA School Prizes

1st Place: $5,000 1st Place: $1,500
2nd Place: $2,500 2nd Place: $750
3rd Place: $1,000 3rd Place: $300

Video Concept Ideas…

  • DESIGN a plan to teach others about saving and using money wisely.
  • CREATE a recipe for savings success.
  • GET CREATIVE! Come up with a unique way to demonstrate the value of saving.

Official Rules and Entry Packets

Contact US

Questions about the Lights, Camera, Save! contest? Email us at promotions@bellbanks.com



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