Mobile Text Banking/Mobile Text Alerts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between mobile text alerts and mobile text banking?

  • Mobile text alerts are automatic account notices sent by Bell State Bank & Trust directly to your mobile phone. You choose which alerts you want to see and your text banking account nickname.
  • Mobile text banking allows you to request information, such as your account balance and recent transactions, on accounts at any time from your mobile phone.

Message and data rates may apply. To get help, send a text message that says HELP to 46728. To stop receiving messages, send a text message that says STOP to 46728.

How do mobile text alerts and mobile text banking work together?

A mobile text alert can notify you of activity on your account. You can then use a mobile text banking command to request additional information about your account, or you can transfer money between accounts.

For example, if you receive a “low balance alert” text message, you can send a BAL text message to 46728 for a listing of your account balances. You could then send a TRA (this is the text for transfer) text message to transfer money from one account to the account with a low balance.

To get help, send a text message that says HELP to 46728. To cancel mobile text alerts, send a text message that says STOP to 46728.

Are mobile text alerts real-time?

Yes, our mobile text banking messages show your current balance. However, mobile text alerts such as the low balance alert, are sent once every 24 hours and will show the balance at the time a transaction was posted to drop the account below the low balance threshold.

Mobile text alerts shouldn’t be used as a way to avoid an overdraft, since some transactions post at different times in the system.

What are all of the quick codes for mobile text banking?

Use these codes after sign up. Send your text requests to 46728:

The nicknames used in the examples below are ‘chk1′ for checking account and ‘sav1′ for savings account.

  • BAL – displays balances of all mobile banking accounts
    Text Request: BAL
  • TRA – used to transfer money between mobile banking accounts
    Text Request: TRA chk1 sav1 300
  • HIST – will provide the history of transactions for an account
    Text Request: HIST chk1
  • STOP – unsubscribe your mobile device from 46728 Text Banking
    Text Request: STOP
  • HELP – Get additional support information
    Text Request: HELP
  • MORE – will repeat the previous request  (only with BAL, HIST, ATM and Branch)
    Text Request: MORE
  • ATM – will locate Bell State Bank ATMs within the zip code indicated
    Text Request: ATM 58103
  • Branch – will locate Bell State Bank branches within the zip code indicated
    Text Request: Branch 58103

Is mobile text banking case-sensitive?

No. Whether you type BAL or bal, we will send your account balances to you via text message.

What does it mean when I see “1/2″ on my screen?

“1/2″ means you are reading the first message in a series of two messages. We label this as “1/2″ to ensure you will read your text messages in the correct order.

Why am I receiving multiple text messages?

All text messages are limited to 160 characters. Sometimes we can’t send all of your information in one text message because it exceeds the 160 character limit. If this happens, we will send your account information over multiple messages.

When I do a balance request (BAL), why does my CD show a $0 balance?

On the text you receive, it shows a $0 balance because this is an available balance, not a current balance. To view your actual balance, please log in to Personal Online Banking.

Is there a fee for using mobile text banking?

Mobile text banking is free for all customers at Bell State Bank & Trust. However, message and data rates may apply.

Do I need a smartphone or PDA to sign up for Text Banking?

No, because virtually every mobile phone on the market today is capable of sending and receiving SMS text messages. You must simply have premium text messaging available through your mobile device.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Contact your phone company and they will suspend your service. Next, contact our customer service department at 800-450-1529 or 701-298-1539, to have them suspend your mobile text banking service. There is no confidential information stored on the phone that could be used by another person.

What if I replace my lost phone or upgrade to a new one?

If you lose your phone, you will need to contact the phone company and our customer service team at 800-450-1529 or 701-298-1539. Mobile text banking will be suspended until you have your phone number reinstated. Then you will have to re-verify your phone number again.

If you simply upgrade or change your phone (and keep the same phone number), and the service is not working properly, please contact our customer service team at 800-450-1529 or 701-298-1539 for assistance.

What if my phone is turned off when a mobile text alert is sent?

Mobile carriers typically will save undelivered text messages until your mobile phone is turned back on, meaning you will receive the message the next time your phone is turned on.

Is mobile text banking secure?

Bell State Bank & Trust is very concerned about the safety and privacy of your information. To ensure the security of your account information, a number of security features are in place:

  • Registration process – A unique activation code is required to verify your mobile phone number. This code associates your mobile device’s phone number with your account.
  • No identification information – Text messages and alerts never include any personally identifiable information, such as your full account number, access ID and password, PIN or email address..

What do I need to be eligible to activate mobile text banking?

You need to be enrolled in Bell State Bank & Trust’s Personal Online Banking to activate the service and a mobile phone with the ability to send and receive premium text messages. (Text banking is not available for business accounts.)

How can I sign up for mobile text banking and mobile text alerts?

Log in to Personal Online Banking and select the Mobile & Alerts tab and enroll your mobile phone number. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on “Add New Mobile Phone.”
  2. Select “Text banking.” If you would like to sign up for other services, you can do that from here too. Click “Continue.”
  3. Enter your mobile phone number. Click “Continue.”
  4. You will be sent an activation code by text message to your phone. Enter this in the “Activation Code” box and click “Activate.”
  5.  You are enrolled and you’re ready start banking from your cell phone! Please see quick codes above.

Who can I contact if I need help with mobile text banking?


If you have questions, call 800-450-1529 or 701-298-1539, or stop by any Bell State Bank & Trust location.




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