Alert! Fraudulent Emails Claiming to be from the Federal Reserve Wire Network

By Eric Andring, Compliance & Risk Manager, Bell State Bank & Trust

Some bank customers have reported receiving fraudulent emails that are currently circulating on the Internet claiming to be from the Federal Reserve Wire Network. The email references a wire transaction, and instructs the email recipient to click on a link beginning with

The Federal Reserve Bank does not communicate payment status information directly to consumers; they would always go through a financial institution. If you receive one of these suspicious emails, delete it immediately; do not click on the link.

Protect Yourself

To protect yourself at home and at work, we ask that you remain vigilant when reviewing your email and when browsing the Internet. In most cases, the best approach to dealing with suspicious email messages is to simply delete them. When browsing the Internet, take precautions to ensure you are going to a legitimate website when a link is provided.

The main precautions you should take, both in the office and at home, are the following:

  • Do not open email messages or attachments from unknown senders.
  • Do not click on web links from unknown senders.
  • Make sure your antivirus program is up to date.
  • Never reply to unsolicited emails or pop-up websites asking for sensitive personal information.

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