Bell State Bank & Trust Extends Pay It Forward Program to its Teams in Hawley and Dilworth

When bank employees at what was formerly First National Bank opened on Monday for the first time as Bell State Bank & Trust, they had a surprise early-morning visit from company president Michael Solberg. Solberg welcomed the Hawley and Dilworth employees to Bell State Bank & Trust and added an important announcement: every full-time employee will receive $1,000 and every part-time employee $500 this year to help individuals, families or organizations in need.

Solberg wanted to extend participation in Bell State Bank & Trust’s “Pay It Forward” program this year to the bank’s new Hawley and Dilworth employees.

“It’s a great way to thank them for being so warm and welcoming to everyone at our bank through this transition,” said Solberg, “and to thank the Hawley and Dilworth communities for their support as well.”

Bell State Bank & Trust employees have given out more than $2.5 million through the Pay It Forward program, now in its fifth year. The bank’s commitment via the Hawley and Dilworth employees totals $16,000. Employees donate the money to one or more charities or individuals of their choice, with the only requirement that they can’t give the funds to relatives or co-workers.

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