Free Checking Here To Stay at Bell State Bank & Trust

“Free checking may be ending at the big banks, but not at Bell State Bank & Trust,” says Richard Solberg, Bell State Bank & Trust chairman and CEO.

Several of the nation’s largest banks are announcing changes to their checking accounts, including the elimination of free checking. As the big banks deal with new banking regulations, many of their checking accounts now come with stipulations, such as requiring customers to maintain a minimum balance, sign up for direct deposit and use their debit card a certain number of times per month.

“Not only does Bell State Bank & Trust plan to continue offering free checking,” says banking services manager Bill Russell, ”but we continue to look for ways to improve it.”

Bell State Bank & Trust is proud to offer America’s Best Free Checking. Customers who sign up for this account, with no minimum balance and no service charge, receive:

  • FREE Automatic ATMs
  • FREE Visa® debit card – with free cash back at the checkout and ChangeSaver™
  • FREE Standard Checks – every order
  • FREE eBanking with Mobile Text Banking and standard Bill Pay
  • FREE Identity Theft Recovery Program
  • FREE (no fee) Visa® gift cards

All told, our “frees” could save our customers, on average, more than $368 every year with America’s Best Free Checking at Bell State Bank & Trust. (Some of our checking customers say they save even more.)

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