Happy Employees! Happy Customers!

A few more stories from our Loan Officers… Happy Employees really do make happy customers! Our Sales and Support staff work together to make each and every closing go smoothly for the Agents, the title companies and the main purpose- to make our customers happy!

“I just wanted you to know what a blessing it is to have the support staff that we have here. I have spent the day at closings listening to the horror stories of what people are experiencing with other lenders. Realtors openly bashing the lender “partners” because they can’t get anything to the closing table on time or within a week. I have also repeatedly heard today how title companies view a closing with Bell as “golden” because of the way our staff gets things taken care of.”

“The staff was amazing, Gary. We are so fortunate to work at Bell and the credit goes to you and all the work you have put into creating such a dynamic team.”

“Thank you all SO very much for accommodating our customer’s request. The borrowers were thrilled that we were able to still close today – and were amazed when everything was turned around in an HOUR! You are amazing and I’m grateful and thankful you’re on my team. Way to GO!”

“At a closing this A.M. it was nice to hear the closer say that “they usually fight for the Bell package as it is the easiest to input and close.”Also, that the package usually has the least amount of docs to be signed and is there earlier than most. Our processing, underwriting, and closing sure help to make us look better in front of the client and more importantly the agent. It is very comforting to know that title closers look forward to closing and working with Bell. It shows in the closer’s attitude and is reflected to the clients and agents. Kudos!”


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