Pay It Forward Program Returns and Expands in 2013

2013 marks the sixth year that Bell State Bank & Trust’s employees will give back to the community through a unique project: the opportunity to “Pay It Forward” to those in need. Since 2008, Pay It Forward has been a tradition, as each full-time employee receives $1,000 and each part-time employee $500 each year to help others. This year, with a new Pay It Forward: Community Connect component, each bank employee will choose a customer, vendor or community member who will be given the opportunity to pay it forward to someone in need. With the addition of Pay It Forward: Community Connect, our company has committed more than $1.5 million to the Pay It Forward program.

Bank president Michael Solberg says the Pay It Forward project  has powerfully changed lives – not only for the recipients, but for employees who so carefully choose where to give to help individuals, families and organizations in need. “Even the smallest gift can be life-changing,” Michael comments. To date, we have given away more than $3 million to people in need and to causes we care about.

Celebrating 5 Years of Giving Together

So much can change in five years. When we started the Pay It Forward program, there was no such thing as an iPad or the many apps that consume us today. Technological progress is life-changing in our world – but we all know that it’s the people around us who matter. That’s why we’re so inspired by the life-changing impact of Pay It Forward. These gifts change the lives of not only those who receive them, but of the givers – our employees.

Visit our Pay It Forward website to read more of our stories of giving. It is our hope that they will open your eyes to the many needs in our communities.

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