Security Links Include Information, Games for Whole Family

Did you know our website has a security section? The Security link is located at the bottom of our home page.


This Security section is there to help our customers understand our security practices and become more familiar with some security “best practices” you can use to protect yourselves. Topics include eBanking Security Policy Information, Identifying Online Fraud, 5 Ways to Foil Internet Thieves, and Preventing Theft of Your Personal Information.

Also included in this information is a link to an FDIC YouTube video titled, “Don’t Become an Online Victim.” This is a helpful video for all Internet users to see. It is also a great video for family discussion if the Internet is used by several family members. Also referenced within this video is a security website sponsored by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) called This website provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information. You can learn top tips for computer security which encompass many topics. There are interactive games with quizzes to test your Cyber Smarts, and there are videos about online safety.

We recommend playing a few games to test your Cyber Smarts. You might be impressed with how helpful this site can be for all ages and knowledge levels!

By Eric Andring, IT Compliance & Risk Manager, Bell State Bank & Trust

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