Updates to Mobile Text Banking, Alerts and Personal Online Banking

Bell State Bank & Trust has made improvements to Mobile Text Banking and Alerts, with expanded mobile services coming very soon. (Watch this page for announcements!) Email and text message account alerts have now been simplified in one location in online banking, and customers now have more options for the type of text alerts they receive.

Alerts Updates

To view your existing alerts or to add new ones, log in to personal online banking and click on the new Mobile & Alerts tab. One example of a new alert is the Scheduled Balance alert. With this alert, you can choose the time of the day and how frequently (daily, weekly, monthly) you would like to receive an email or a text stating your account balance.

Mobile Text Banking Updates

Small updates have also been made to Mobile Text Banking. The first is that when you text the bank “BAL” you will receive the balance of all your accounts you have enrolled in text banking, instead of just one balance.  The second update is that the “HST” command is now “HIST.”

Here is the full list of Mobile Text Banking commands:

Use these codes after sign up. Send your text requests to 46728:

The nicknames used in the examples below are ‘chk1′ for checking account and ‘sav1′ for savings account.

    • BAL – displays balances of all mobile banking accounts
      Text Request: BAL
    • TRA – used to transfer money between mobile banking accounts
      Text Request: TRA chk1 sav1 300
    • HIST – will provide the history of transactions for an account
      Text Request: HIST chk1
    • STOP — unsubscribe your mobile device from 46728 Text Banking
      Text Request: STOP
    • HELP – Get additional support information
      Text Request: HELP
    • MORE – will repeat the previous request  (only with BAL, HIST, ATM and Branch)
      Text Request: MORE
    • ATM – will locate Bell State Bank ATMs within the zip code indicated
      Text Request: ATM 58103
    • Branch – will locate Bell State Bank branches within the zip code indicated
      Text Request: Branch 58103

With Mobile Text Banking, you text the bank, and the bank texts you back with your requested information. If you are not yet signed up, log in to personal online banking and click on the Mobile & Alerts tab to enroll. For more information on Mobile text Banking, read our Frequently Asked Questions. Message and data rates may apply. To get help, send a text message that says HELP to 46728. To stop receiving messages, send a text message that says STOP to 46728.

We hope you have a great Mobile and Online Banking experience, and we thank you for your continued business! If you have questions, contact a personal banker, call 800-450-8949 or stop by any Bell State Bank & Trust location.


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