HSA Participant Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find my HSA balance?

You can find your HSA balance by clicking on the Accounts tab on the main page and choosing Account Summary. Links within the Account Summary section will allow you to view your balance, make contributions, request distributions and view investment details.

Are HSA Account Summary Reports available online?

Your HSA Account Summary report can be found by clicking on the Notifications tab and choosing HSA Account Summary Reports. An HSA Investment Account summary can be found on the Investment Portal by choosing Fund Activity Summary.

How do I request a distribution?

To request distribution from your HSA, click on the Accounts tab of the main page, then choose Request HSA Distribution. Complete the fields and click Request Distribution. You can also use your HSA debit card to pay for your medical expenses directly from your HSA.

Where can I find and update my profile information?

Your profile information can be found by clicking the Profile tab. Information found on this tab includes Profile Summary, Dependents, Beneficiaries, Bank Accounts, Debit Cards and Login Information. Please note that some profile changes will require you to answer an additional security question.

Where can I find HSA forms and resources?

Forms, such those pertaining to HSA direct deposit and transfers, can be found under the Forms tab. Additional resources, such as instructions for designating beneficiaries or lists of investment options, are also found under this tab.

What if I have investment questions?

For investment questions follow these steps:

  1. Log into your HSA account
  2. Click on “view investment details” from the Account Summary page
  3. Click on FAQ under reference

What if I need more information or help with my online HSA account?

Fell free to call our specially trained HSA customer service representatives at 877-751-3399.


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