Wealth Management

A Brief History

The Wealth Management Division has been providing commission-free services to our clients since our inception in 1987. With over $4.5 billion in assets under management, our growth has come one client at a time – built on strong customer service coupled with referrals from our existing clients.

Our wide array of products and services provides a lifetime of investment solutions to our clients. Some examples include professional investment management services for institutional assets, including pension funds, endowments, insurance reserve funds and special purpose corporate funds; individual retirement accounts (IRAs); trust and estate planning services to individuals; retirement planning and investments; and qualified and non-qualified employee benefit programs including 401(k)s to employers across the U.S. and Canada.

Our experts are happy to provide resources that keep you informed about and comfortable with your investments:

    • Bell Wealth Management is your financial GPS.  We see ourselves as your co-pilots or navigators on your financial journey.  Ultimately, you set the destination through goals that are important to you, but we are right beside you to guide, plan, and provide solutions that meet your financial needs.  Learn ways you can navigate a complex financial world and deliver clear solutions in joint pursuit of your goals by reading our Financial GPS tips.
    • See chief investment officer Greg Sweeney’s take on current economic trends, updated monthly. Read our Economic Outlook.
    • Our wealth management team also provides a quarterly newsletter addressing topics including worldwide and U.S. markets, top investments, financial planning, and personal trust and retirement issues. Read the latest issue of the Bell Wealth newsletter.

Bell Investments

We work in our clients’ best interests by walking them through their investment choices and helping identify the investments that are right for their goals and stages of life.

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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) help clients plan for a secure stream of retirement income. If an individual has changed jobs, retired or needs to consolidate previous retirement funds, a rollover into an IRA provides important investment and tax benefits.

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401k Retirement Plans

We provide consulting services to assure the proper retirement plan is being used to meet the employer’s goals and objectives and that the employees are deferring enough to meet their retirement goals. Dedicated relationship managers design a formalized education program, including group and one-on-one sessions to assist participants. Our experts provide companies with simplified administration, timely reporting, accurate compliance testing, tax reporting and a dedicated call center.

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Financial Planning

We build investment portfolios to suit investor goals, blending equity, fixed income and alternative investments to produce superior, risk-adjusted returns. Our own in-house investment research fuels financial planning to encompass not only investments but also retirement income and financial legacies.

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Farm Management

Through farm management, we provide agricultural landowners a profitable return on the land while maintaining its sustainability and value. Some owners have purchased farmland as an investment or for other reasons; others have inherited land and have special emotions associated with their family farm. Our clients normally own at least 160 acres, within a 100-mile radius of a Bell State Bank & Trust location.

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Personal Trust & Investments

We partner with individual clients to serve as asset manager over their portfolios, providing day-to-day proactive and strategic wealth management expertise. Clients position our team as their trust advisor for estate and financial planning affairs and as portfolio manager over diverse assets including real estate. We tailor each relationship to address core objectives, concerns and specific planning matters.

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Investment Management

We design investment strategies to meet long-term investment goals by building portfolios tailored to our clients’ needs. Our investments compete favorably with those of national managers across the country – and often do so at a lower cost.

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Private Banking

People with more wealth often have more complex financial needs. Bell State Bank & Trust’s private banking department is designed to meet the specialized needs of professionals and high-net-worth individuals and their families. Our goal is to build a long-term banking relationship with you, founded on exceptional service and the personalized resources you need to manage your financial affairs.

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