401(k) Retirement Plans

Bell Wealth Management is your financial GPS. We see ourselves as your co-pilots or navigators on your financial journey. Ultimately, you set the destination through goals that are important to you, but we are right beside you to guide, plan, and provide solutions that meet your financial needs. Our mission is to help you navigate a complex financial world and deliver clear solutions in joint pursuit of your goals.

Bell Wealth Management, through a dedicated relationship manager and supporting team of experts, instills financial confidence to employers and employees alike. Employers need guidance, planning, and solutions to deliver the right retirement plan to their employees. Increasing regulation and complexities require a partner like Bell State Bank & Trust to help employers navigate decisions about plan design, plan administration, investment menus, and participant education. Similarly, retirement plan participants need assistance planning their journey toward retirement.

Important stops along the way to retirement include:

  • Determining savings levels
  • Choosing the right investment mix
  • Deciding when to reduce risk in the investment portfolio
  • Assessing retirement readiness and ultimately selecting a safe withdrawal rate

Flexible Plan Design

Not all 401k plans are created equal. Many retirement plan vendors provide “in the box” retirement plan designs that make their job easier. Our goal is to craft a retirement plan that meets your specific objectives. Bell Wealth Management has retirement experts with retirement designations and many years of experience that demonstrate our ability to design plans that meet diverse employer objectives. We’ll work with your specific needs and objectives to design a high-caliber, comprehensive retirement plan that works for you and your employees.

Comprehensive Plan Administration

Our retirement team believes in communication and education at every phase of retirement plan administration. Additionally, Bell State Bank & Trust believes in correcting plan errors the right way so that when the IRS or DOL comes knocking at your door for an audit, employers can have financial confidence. Other retirement vendors simply want to create reports and ship them out to employers without much examination or review. Bell Wealth Management relationship managers will review plan administration items with the employer to make sure they understand the implications of plan decisions. Additionally, our relationship managers will take time to explain compliance testing results to employers. While our comprehensive plan administration can seem involved at points, our goal is to keep your plan in compliance which makes it easier for employers over the long haul.

Diverse Investment Menus

Bell Wealth Management will guide employers during the initial investment selection process. Additionally, an employer can opt to have Bell “take the controls” in the form of an advisory relationship. In any capacity, Bell Wealth Management is there to assist employers in screening the universe of funds to find consistently performing, low cost funds for the retirement plan. While others may offer model portfolios with ever changing funds and performance, Bell Wealth Management offers investment choices with proven track records and actual performance history, not hypothetical returns. In addition to guidance during initial selection of funds, Bell Wealth Management will be there to instill financial confidence with ongoing consultation and review of current fund menus.

Effective Participant Education

Consistent and effective participant education is where the rubber hits the road in employer sponsored retirement plans. An employer may have the best plan design, expert plan administration and high quality investment choices but, if participant education services are lacking, satisfaction with the retirement plan will be low. Bell Wealth Management prides itself in its attention to participant education. We combine multiple Certified Financial Planners and other experts with years of experience to guide your retirement plan participants. While our staff members are the heart of our education platform, we also provide integrated web tools for those participants that want to engage technology in the education solution. Our relationship managers will customize an education curriculum to your diverse employees. We recognize that employees are at different stages in the life cycle of saving for retirement. We will customize our presentations to maximize our time with your different demographics. After working with Bell Wealth Management, your employees will have financial confidence.

Other Retirement Plans for Your Business

In addition to 401k plans, Bell Wealth Management can guide employers to other solutions like 403(b), Section 457, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Simple IRAs, simplified employee pension (SEP) and other retirement plans, depending on the needs of your company and its employees.

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Looking for a better co-pilot to help you navigate the complex world of retirement plans? Bell Wealth Management is your financial GPS. Contact Michael Kobbervig, Bell Wealth Management Retirement Division Manager.

Michael_KobbervigMichael Kobbervig
Retirement Division Manager



Already work with Bell Wealth Management for your group retirement plan? Click below for contact information for your specific relationship manager and team.

Jeff_MelchiorJeff Melchior
Relationship Manager

My primary objective is to help employers and their employees reach their retirement goals through employer-sponsored retirement plans. The best thing about my position is helping employees save for retirement. I spend my spare time with my wife and three children.

skauge_jonathanWebJonathan Skauge
Retirement Services Coordinator

I enjoy working at Bell State Bank & Trust because of the way this company treats its employees. I feel like I am part of a family. My role in the retirement department is a great fit, because it gives me a chance to work with participants and gain experience in the retirement industry. In my free time, you will find me hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and spending time with family and friends.

Connie_SchultzConnie Schultz
Relationship Manager

There is great satisfaction in helping people understand their retirement plan and investment choices. It’s also rewarding to know that you can make a positive difference in someone’s financial future. When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my children and being outside walking, biking, or doing yard work.

Jennifer_HillJennifer Hill
Relationship Manager

As a young professional, I’m surrounded by a wealth of knowledge that is of great value as I grow in my position and follow my career path. I’m humbled to be given the opportunity to work alongside such great team members. The best thing about my position is that the world of retirement is ever-changing, bringing new challenges each day. I love the fact that no two days are alike. Spending time with family and friends, traveling, fishing, and running are a few of my passions when I’m away from the office.

Britani_RodriguezBritani Rodriguez
Retirement Services Coordinator

I enjoy working at Bell State Bank & Trust because of the company’s focus on its employees, and how management strives to maintain a family atmosphere. I feel that my position as a relationship manager gives me the opportunity to work with experienced people in the field, and strengthen my understanding of the ever-changing retirement world. I also am given the opportunity to help customers understand their retirement account, empowering them to plan for their future. Outside of the office, I enjoy biking, fishing, gardening and spending time with my family.

sanders_natashaWebNatasha Sanders
Retirement Services Specialist

I enjoy coming to work each day and being a part of the retirement team as we build relationships with our business customers and their employees. Each day is new and exciting, and I can honestly say that I’m never bored in my position. I appreciate the opportunity to get involved with various projects, and since customer service is our top priority, my goal is to ensure customers have a great experience when stopping by our office or giving us a call. Work is especially enjoyable because Bell State Bank & Trust provides a family-friendly atmosphere. When not at Bell State Bank & Trust, I enjoy being outside. My favorite hobbies are fishing, hunting, and most of all, just spending time with my husband and three children.

linstad_deannaWebDeanna Linstad
Relationship Manager

I enjoy working at Bell State Bank & Trust because the employees are so friendly, helpful and caring. In my position as a relationship manager, I enjoy the challenge of working with employers to create a retirement plan that benefits their employees. I find it rewarding to help participants understand the importance of saving for retirement. My hobbies include biking, gardening and spending time with my grandchildren.

Adam_KolleAdam Kolle
Retirement Services Coordinator

In my position, I enjoy being able to help our customers with their retirement and wealth management needs. I also feel privileged to work with the great people in our organization. The best thing about being a relationship manager is knowing that I am making a positive contribution to our customers’ financial well-being and future. In my spare time, I like playing softball and hockey, as well as listening to music, watching movies and sports, and spending time with my family.

schielke_elizabethWebLiz Schielke
Retirement Services Specialist

I truly enjoy working with my co-workers. We are all supportive of each other and are team players. It’s great to work with people that genuinely care about their company and their customers. The best thing about my position is the daily challenge. Every day brings different tasks and I love the satisfaction of knowing I accomplished them at the end of the day. My interests include playing tennis, cooking, photography and watching hockey. My sons play the sport, so I have spent more than 12 years traveling to hockey rinks in North Dakota and Minnesota.

borchert_owenWebOwen Borchert
Relationship Project Specialist

This is the best bank I’ve had the opportunity to work for. My co-workers, the family and community-centric culture, and the owners make me feel like a valued part of this organization. In my position, I am able to use my expertise, working with the systems and data management software, to create reports and simplify tasks in the retirement department. Out of the office, you can find me cooking, gardening, fishing, camping, playing video games and spending time with my family.

delling_abigailWeb1Abigail Delling
Retirement Administration Specialist

At Bell State Bank & Trust, I am blessed to work alongside great people who share the company’s core values. Because we treat each other as family, I feel like I have a “home away from home” at work. During my days here, I am constantly learning something new, which offers opportunities to grow and better myself. I like to spend my free time with close friends, family and my dog, Booker. I enjoy going for runs outdoors when it is nice outside – otherwise, I like to go to the gym. Just sitting at home reading a book is always relaxing!


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