Investment Management

We design investment strategies to meet long-term investment goals by building portfolios tailored to our clients’ needs. Our investments compete favorably with those of national managers across the country – and often do so at a lower cost.


  • Investment and active management of clients’ investable assets
  • Management of personal investable assets
  • Investment development and management for 401(k), 403(b) and 457 retirement plans
  • Institutional asset management for insurance companies, pensions, public and private foundations and endowments, and charitable organizations
  • Use of a broad array of stocks, bonds, alternative assets and real estate investments to meet client objectives including streams of income, tax advantages and capital appreciation
  • Investment policy and strategy for corporate boards and investment committees

At Bell State Bank & Trust, managing your investments is all about protecting and growing your wealth to ensure a stream of income after you retire. “Trust” is in our name. When you work with us, you’ll find professionals who understand your situation and respect your wishes as we manage your assets toward future goals.

Investment Management Guidance

Navigating the waters of investments – understanding markets, trends, risks and the many choices in stocks and bonds – is a complex task. As active managers of your investments, Bell State Bank & Trust’s professionals give you strong guidance, advice on various types of investments and oversight of your investment portfolio and returns.

We’ve got experts in investment management! And they’re happy to provide resources that keep you informed about and comfortable with your investments:

  • See chief investment officer Greg Sweeney’s take on current economic trends, updated monthly. Read our Economic Outlook.
  • Our wealth management team also provides a bimonthly newsletter addressing topics including worldwide and U.S. markets, top investments, financial planning, and personal trust and retirement issues. Read the latest issue of our Bell Wealth (formerly Financial Focus) newsletter.
  • Once a year, we also invite our clients to attend our annual Outlook events, in which you have a chance to interact personally with our top-notch investment managers. These seminars are held in January at locations in Arizona, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Superior Investment Selection

When you invest your hard-earned assets, you’re looking for investment returns. Our investment management professionals carefully identify the best investment options for you, including Lifestyle Funds and Managed Allocation Portfolios (MAP) funds, Target Funds based on your projected retirement date, quality mutual funds and other securities.

Active Money Managers for Your Investments

Not only do we offer a superior investment selection, but with Bell State Bank & Trust, you have access to the best money managers, locally and worldwide, to manage investment funds in which you have a stake. Bell State Bank & Trust investment management professionals do not work on a commission basis. Instead, our advisors help you make decisions according to your financial situation and goals.

Financial Planning for a Secure Future

Bell State Bank & Trust’s comprehensive financial services go well beyond basic investment options. We invest your funds only after careful consideration of how they fit into your overall financial situation, risk tolerance and goals. Your investment management team will work with you in a five-step process for financial planning.

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